Come, Let Me share My Music With You.


Pen and ink by Ben Staley

If I should die before I wake someone's  Made a big mistake
Well it  seems as  though my time has become much more  valuable than I ever imagined it would. hell I just kill myself trying to get this website finished  before I pass from this world to the next. The first song in "Studio recordings 1990 to present"( THE AX) sums up every thing that's going with me right now. I had no idea how prophetic it would be for me. Oh how sweet the irony. I mean you have to see the humor in it all. All seriousness aside please browse around the website new material will be added every day that I'm here to do it! I hope you enjoy it.  Enjoy every thing you possibly can. life is short   



i have found an old tune i thought i had lost hiding in the  archives.  wrote  it for my parents  when they were not quite sure i was headed in the right direction. i'm  not sure if it helped or not i'll  ask  them when i see them next You will also find this cut in studio originals in the 80s. the artwork above was done by me. It is a compilation  of my fathers face my, face, and graphics from my sons first album  Limbo Lads signifying voices from three generations i will be glad to see my mother and father again